How Multi-Congregational works.

The people of God live and gather in community with a common pursuit of knowing and honoring Jesus. However, to assure each congregation is best equipped for ministry in its own community (neighborhoods, schools and workplaces), we localize our congregations to develop unique strategies that best fit their context. We believe having diversity in our congregations brings a vibrancy and health to the greater body of Colossae that would otherwise be missed. We believe our collaboration adds to the fullness of our witness in the Portland-Metro area. Each congregation has a lead/teaching pastor that is part of a larger team devoted to helping one another be as effective as possible.

Why Multi-Congregational?

We are seeking to be intentional and make the most of our relationships. Like a marriage relationship, we agree to mutual sacrifice as well as share in the joy of mutual benefit. We share values, doctrine, ideas and resources. We are more effective together than we would be in isolation.